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To Give More Than We Take!

Shai Reshef, famously, once said, “When you educate one person, you can change a life, when you educate many you can change the world.”

With those words etched and engraved deep into our hearts; a blueprint was laid, pointers noted, meetings held, pros and cons debated- we decided to empower every single student with education.

With prideful hearts, cheerful faces and hours of research, came along the disappointing news.

A country with over one billion people, turns out only one-third of them can read” cried one article.

With over 1.38 billion people, as many as 60 million children aged 6-14 are NOT educated” screamed the other.

And the further we dug in, the harder the realizations hit – how much we take our education and knowledge for granted was everyone’s first concern.

To give more than we take” still remained words, and the uneducated- still uneducated!

The pandemic further worsened the situation for the uneducated.

Over 6 million students in India were put out of school due to the pandemic” - the misery of the words inked on the newspapers seemed never ending. With one need, beating and outshining the rest, Seekh was born!

With a goal to provide education to everyone, Seekh- a non-profit organization was established. We set out on a dream to conquer, a mission to accomplish and a task to connect teachers from anywhere in the world to any student in need.

As a result of our tireless efforts, the Seekh App was developed.

This app takes us closer to our aim of providing free education to anyone in the world. Students and teachers who register on the app can connect with each other and begin their journey in learning and making the world a better place.

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