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About Seekh


Seekh is a student led organisation which advocates the movement 'Education for all'. 

We derive our name from the Hindi word, meaning 'knowledge' and the English word, meaning 'seek'. Hence our beliefs are encompassed by our name - seeking knowledge.

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 At Seekh, we strongly believe that education is a fundamental human right.
Education should not be biased and we aim to bridge the gap in the existing bias using technology.

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Seekh aims to provide support to underprivileged students who need help in learning. We intend to help students learn concepts and topics in their desired way while also fostering a love for learning with understanding.


The People who Make the Magic Happen.

 Founder and App Developer


Hello world! I'm Manas, a student and machine learning enthusiast who has been coding since Grade 7.


Seekh is a project which unites two of my most fundamental beliefs: a belief to learn and a belief to give back to society. 

I've always tried to combine my love for learning and building solutions to help others. Seekh has enabled me to do just that! 

Head of Community Relations

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Hi everyone! My name is Ishaan Bhargava and I have been fascinated about the technological world from a young age. 


I hope to one day use code to help the environment around us!

Hi, I am Eshwaran, a grade 12 student at Inventure Academy. Apart from my passion to give back to the community, I am an adrenaline junkie who loves cycling really fast and enjoys drumming really hard. 

Head of Human Resources

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Hello everyone! I’m Shivani Paila from Bangalore, India. I believe that every child has the right to education and we are here to help them tackle any difficulties they might face during their learning journey. 


I also believe that equity and equality in education for every child in the world is most critical.

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Heyya! Poojitha here. I'm a student, classical dancer and singer and take lots of pride in India's rich culture. 


I believe that we should give more to the society than we take from it and that's what Seekh has enabled me to do. 


Seekh has given me the opportunity to do what I love doing: Teach and Serve the Society in my very little way at the same time.

Head of Digital Marketing

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Hey, I'm Sanjana Prakash, a student from Bethany High and I've been an athlete for several years now. I love sports and enjoy taking part in cultural activities.

I've also been tutoring and imparting the little knowledge I have to the ones in need for over 3 years now . In short I love keeping myself busy and maintaining a routined life.

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Hello! I’m Advika Kamath, a student at Delhi public school east.  I strongly believe that everyone has the right to education and being a part of Seekh allows me to help children enhance their knowledge and bring them a step closer towards achieving their goals. 

I am a baking enthusiast and absolutely love dancing, travelling and sports. Apart from this, I enjoy reading on various topics of psychology and biology and aspire to study medicine!

Blog Lead 

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Howdy everyone!

I'm Poojitha Swaminathan, a potter'o'phile, who Mastergraduated in Abacus while waiting for my Hogwarts letter.


I am a visual writer, blogger and a homo sapien inspired by the wonders that life has to offer.


To give more than we take is a statement that I've always wanted to live upto and being a part of Seekh has not only enabled me to do the same but also helped me discover my talents and abilities along the way!

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