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Why Seekh?

What is the Seekh App?

Rooted in our belief that education is a fundamental right, we wanted to help students in our country who do not have access to teachers.

We found out that there were teachers, parents, grandparents etc who were ready to teach students free of cost. We also realised that the students were not connected to these teachers! 

That's when we thought: Is there a way to connect these teachers and students?

The Seekh app is a free to download app where students and teachers register and learn/teach.

Students who download the app mention which subjects they need help with.

Teachers can now view the students' needs and connect with them and begin teaching!

How the App works - Student Side

How the App works - Teacher Side

A Seekh Story

Barnali is a Grade 7 student and the daughter of a single mother and cook. Find out how Seekh has helped her in her education during these testing times! 

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