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Bangalore to Bengal

A stream of steamy stress flows down,

As we’re drenched in the selfish river,

fretting to part with the “happy crown”,

To the needy hearts of flower.

Streams of dreams they have at heart,

The streams all join a river of aim,

The vast sturdy focus is a martial-art,

They join a sea with no fame or name,

But i plot to answer with a poser,

Did the sea see bliss in its size?

It dances with the rocks in joy all-over,

With a content heart of helping a billion lives.

Unlike every fiction that starts from Kashmir to Kanyakumari, the empirical tales of Seekh trusses from Bangalore to Bengal- lands nothing short of technology and delicacies, but most of all a spark of connection between founders of Seekh – Mr. Manas Bam and Rigel Foundation – Mr. Suvaiyu Saha.

On 19th June, in front of the mythical round table replaced by laptops and tablets, sat 10+ attendees with amused countenances contemplating the hands squiggling out black ink, that flowed as smooth as butter across the paper; a final conformation to check out a collaboration between two non-profit organizations imbued by one exceptional agenda on mind – free education for all!

When two determined enthusiasts, both in grade 12, perched down in a quizzical and profound confusion on how to give back to the society they gained so much from, was when the idea of Seekh and Rigel was born.

On discussing the accomplishments of Rigel Foundation with Mr. Suvaiyu, we gained more insights on how the words, “dream, aim and focus” led them from a community of 2 people to a foundation that now provides a helping hand to orphanages, humanitarian crises, animal shelters and a set of long list that follows!

Conversing with Mr. Suvaiyu throughout the legion of meetings we’ve had so far, we were staggered to apprehend him referring to the foundation as his own “family.”

“Free two birds with one key”, they said; and what more, a perfect way to abide by those words than bring together 2 of the finest organizations that care about educating the youth.

A pact was made, students and teachers from the polar opposites were brought in touch and the names of a few students who were scrutinized as the result of bleak education were eradicated from the list, placing them, the highest and happiest of all.

“It is the long history of humankind (and animal kind, too) that those who learned to collaborate and improvise most effectively have prevailed,” said Charles Darwin. A fruitful lesson learnt indeed; and to find out more about how Seekh managed to get past the curve balls like language barriers and ratio thrown at them, stay tuned for the next blog!

To find out more about the works of Rigel Foundation in Bengal, check out the link below.

Poem Credits : Arjun M Gowda

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