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School of Hard Knocks

The sun rose and set, the nightfall later left, Then came a virus that left the world swept,

off their people for over a year’s rest.

From offline to online, office to work-from-home, football under the warm sun to FIFA under the cold AC and parties to google meets, we saw everything around us change and adapt to the situation.

Even as we evolved from taking down notes from a black board to typing it down from a computer screen, one thing that has remained permanent are the various types of students in a classroom.

Every class has a Math genius, a scientist, a Shakespeare or even a comedian, and one lesson that the teachers at Seekh have learnt over the months is that no student is like another.

A student’s capabilities can never define their talents and as the saying of the greatest scientist of all time – Albert Einstein goes, “Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid” proves the same.

The teachers at Seekh have adapted various methods to impart education to their students.

One of our teachers shared her experience stating “I am currently teaching 2 students, one of them is a quick learner and needs only a 45 minute class to understand a particular topic, while the other needs constant revision and a longer duration on specific concepts. After a lot of thought I pondered, maybe a few hours of lecture isn’t what my student needs so I ended up making a few interactive videos based on the topics I covered in the previous class. Not only was he excited for the next class but he would have also had a thorough revision on the same.”

Another teacher exchanged with us a very useful tip, with pride, while wearing the biggest smile, just like her student did when he received the 7th star of the month. “Why stars”, when asked, she replied, “Stars take me back to my elementary days when we received one on the back of our hands with a red pen. Oh! How proud we were when we walked back to our seats with the ink etched on our skin. Also, everyone needs a little reassurance and a lot of encouragement in their life, so I figured what better way to make my student happy than to award him with stars!”

Our third teacher made us all wish we were her students. What’s so special about her class? Let's find out She shared, “I did not want to go about teaching my student the same exact way she learnt in school, but at the same it had to impart the education she needed. So with some amount of effort and a lot of brainstorming, in order to keep her occupied and attentive all throughout, I made crosswords puzzles, quizzes and a few more fun games for her to learn the lessons with. It not only improved her attention but also brought together two of the happiest people on earth, me and her!”

We have all heard the saying “No one is too old to learn and no one too young to teach.”

Seekh has turned those words into a reality for all our students and teachers. Find out more about the same in our next blog!

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