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Every Student has a Super Power

With a pretend light bulb flickering, on the top of her head, at not knowing the answer to her question, Barnali, a 7th grader, tip-toed down the stairs and across the hall, her fingers making random, rapid motions trying to shoot out spider-webs and her mind occupied with one thought, “What would my super-powers be?” ,when a loud yet distinct echo came ringing through the walls. “That must be mom,” she whispered. The locks unlatched and the door opened into a squeaky commotion, and there she was standing, back from her dozen jobs.

“Maybe I do have spidey-senses” she giggled to herself, but what caught her attention the most were the smile on her mother’s face that came gleaming through all the weariness, and the words “Tum Seekh ki pehli chatrah hone wali ho

“I have always been inspired by superheroes and how they've never failed to save the world, and in our current times, the Covid-19 warriors are the actual superheroes. On my journey in unmasking (pun intended!), my mysterious super powers, I figured I could help other students like me by sharing the little knowledge I had. But I was not confident in myself to go about with it.

Like Robin was to his Batman, Seekh helped me gain back my confidence and supported me throughout the journey. The teachers at Seekh made learning so much more fun and easier than it was supposed to be!

With the same energy to set my ignition, I started my own classes - Kids’ planet - where I would share my knowledge in arts and dancing with other students. The classes are held weekly and we all come together to share some new aspects on life!”

Barnali with her student from Kids' planet showcasing their art-work on 'Patriotic Indians'

Looks like Barnali found out her true superpowers after all!

We’ve all heard the saying, “All the world’s a stage, and the men and women, merely players.”

But here on Seekh’s stage, the teachers and the students play the lead role.

And like Vonna Surrell rightly said “One thing about them tables, they always turn.”

Let’s see what happens when the students decide to switch roles.

Durga, another student at Seekh, went above and beyond to overcome her shyness and social anxiety when she saw her classmate in need. She immediately set in to play when she noticed her friend did not receive the help she needed in class because of her language barrier. Durga took this opportunity to decipher the concepts to the last detail, everyday for an hour!

An epitome of “A friend in need is a friend indeed!”

When asked how she managed to teach what she was learning at the time with some additional help, Durga exclaimed in short, yet, with the wisest phrase “If my teacher at Seekh, who is nearly my age, can do it then why can't I?”

The common base of two of our most aspiring students among the others is the phrase “If one can do it then why can’t we?”

Every day here at Seekh is a new learning experience for all its members, all the way from students to their teachers. Each day we discover the meaning of quotes quoted

from even ages ago!

And the quote of the day is - “When one teaches, two learn!

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