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Helping NGO's track student Progress

The Aasha Foundation is a non-profit organisation which aims at helping underprivileged children read and write. The organisation however lacked an efficient system of tracking student progress. We at Seekh made this possible by developing 2 apps, which immensely aided in the process of tracking student progress.


Creating Programming Content for Underprivileged Students

The Sukrupa Foundation aims to enable every child with a good education and nurture them with life skills. During the beginning of the pandemic situation, several teachers had to create online content for the students and we at Seekh helped by creating Tutorials for Python to help students grasp basic programming concepts as well.


Creating a Graduation App

Bethany High is considered one of the best ICSE schools in India. The school wanted to gift something special for their graduating batch of 2021. We helped the school create their very first 'Countdown Timer' which tells students the time elapsed since they graduated. It also stores the student's details like email id etc so that their friends can contact them later in life.  

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